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What to Expect from Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

While pregnancy can be a joyful time in your life, it can cause a lot of pain. The good news is you can count on a chiropractor on our team Read More

Risk Factors for Sciatica

When lower back pain affects one side of your body and travels down your leg, you might have a condition known as sciatica. This happens when there is pressure on Read More

The 5 Most Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica can cause pain in the lower back, buttocks, legs, and affect your daily life. At Druzbik Family Chiropractic in Statesville, NC, we provide treatment for sciatica to help alleviate Read More

How To Know if you have a Disc Herniation

Herniated Disc Having a herniated disc can be very uncomfortable and can sometimes feel similar to other conditions. If you are experiencing any symptoms of this condition, our team at Druzbik Read More

Ways a Chiropractor Can Help With Joint Pain

Joint pain can lead to a variety of other problems. When you’re dealing with joint pain, a chiropractor can offer you the relief you’re in search of. At Druzbik Family Read More

How Massage Therapy Will Complement Your Chiropractic Care

At Druzbik Family Chiropractic in Statesville, Dr. Druzbik and Dr. Jeena provide chiropractic care for residents of all ages. When you see a chiropractor for pain, poor mobility, or after Read More

How Does Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Work?

Neck and back pain can negatively impact productivity and mobility. At Druzbik Family Chiropractic in Statesville, NC, we strive to help patients find lasting pain relief solutions. Keep reading to Read More

Neck Pain FAQs

Many adult Americans suffer from neck pain at one point in their life, requiring medical treatment to alleviate the pain. Chiropractic care treats the root cause of the pain, providing Read More

Signs of Whiplash

Have you ever seen someone crack a whip? Just imagine doing that with your head and neck. That is what occurs when you suffer from whiplash. Your body was not Read More

Back Pain FAQ

Back pain is a condition that millions of Americans deal with each year. Being informed of the causes, treatments, and preventative measures are important steps to ensuring it’s not a Read More

Auto Accident FAQs

As an experienced chiropractor in Statesville, NC, Dr. Michael Druzbik at Druzbik Family Chiropractic has treated countless patients for musculoskeletal injuries suffered in auto accidents. Many of those patients have Read More

Chiropractic Benefits to Boost Your Immune System

Chiropractic Care Can Boost Your Immune System When you think of chiropractic treatment, your first thought will likely be neck and back pain relief. While the relief of musculoskeletal pain is Read More

Computer Ergonomic to Avoid Back Pain

How Proper Computer Ergonomics Reduces Back Pain Have you experienced otherwise inexplicable back pain lately? Your computer posture may be the culprit. People who work at computers all day tend to Read More

How Can a Chiropractor Help with Pulled Muscles?

Did You Suffered a Pulled Muscle? Our Statesville Chiropractor at Druzbik Family Chiropractic Can Help! If you’re suffering from pain related to a pulled muscle, you may be wondering how a Read More

When to See a Chiropractor

When to See a Chiropractor from Druzbik Family Chiropractic It is important for everyone to know when to see a chiropractor. At Druzbik Family Chiropractic, we work hard to make sure Read More

Viewing 1 - 15 out of 15 posts

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