Leg Pain

Leg Pain Treated by a Statesville, NC, Chiropractor

Druzbik Family Chiropractic, serving Statesville, NC, and the nearby region, helps patients who suffer from leg pain. Before we find you a leg pain treatment, our chiropractor must first determine the cause of it. While it's often directly associated with the biomechanics of your leg, it could also be from an issue with your back, such as degenerative disc disease. Depending on the cause, we'll find you an appropriate treatment.


Determining the Cause 

The first step in the process of healing is determining the cause of your leg pain. It may be from a sprain or a strain. In other cases, it could stem from an inflamed tendon, causing tendonitis. 

The cause of leg pain stems from an issue with the back, like degenerative disc disease, which basically causes a chain reaction. You may compensate with your walk to accommodate a back issue. As a result, you may end up with leg pain. 

To determine the cause, a chiropractor on our chiropractic care team will perform a limited physical evaluation. We may ask you to move the leg in a certain manner to assess your range of motion. During the evaluation, we might place gentle pressure on different areas of the leg to assess it for swelling and determine the exact location of the pain. We'll also ask you questions about any previous injuries, surgeries, known conditions, or other similar information. 

Treating the Problem 

We'll then find you the appropriate chiropractic leg pain treatment after we discover the cause. We might perform an adjustment to help the bones in the legs align with one another properly. 

Your treatment could consist of exercise therapy. This is a leg pain treatment that incorporates stretches that our chiropractor will guide you through. They work this part of the body and gradually and slowly stretch the muscles and other soft tissue in the legs, optimizing function and flexion. 

The treatment approach might be back stretches or a spinal adjustment. During a spinal adjustment, a chiropractor on our chiropractic care team will realign the vertebrae in the back, easing pressure on the nearby soft tissue and nerves. This treatment might also optimize blood flow to the area, which might promote healing. 

Get Leg Pain Treatment and Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor on Our Team

We at Druzbik Family Chiropractic, serving Statesville, NC, and the neighboring communities, offer leg pain treatment, and these are some of the options we may recommend. Ultimately, which one is for you depends on your specific situation and medical history. We may recommend multiple treatments in some cases. Book an appointment by contacting us at (704) 878-9744 if you have leg pain. 

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