Sport Injury Treatment

If you play sports, an injury can occur at any moment and result in severe pain. Not only that, but the discomfort can also become chronic if it is left untreated. At Druzbik Family Chiropractic in Statesville, NC, we provide various treatments to relieve your pain and improve your range of motion.


Treatment for Joint Pain

Joint pain from a sports injury should not be ignored and may also take a while to heal on its own. Along with that, continuing to play sports can lead to even further damage in the affected region. When you visit us, we will evaluate your condition and provide the necessary treatment that will help you recover quickly. In addition, we’ll use techniques that can prevent injuries from recurring and improve your performance on the court or field.

A Spinal Adjustment Can Improve Range of Motion

Sometimes, your joints may be hurting due to extra pressure from a spinal misalignment. Our chiropractors can help properly align your spine, which can relieve your discomfort and help you return to your normal routine. As a result, you will experience a reduction in pain and an improved range of motion.

How a Sports Chiropractor for Help

Our sports chiropractors can address your sports injuries and help you recover. After we speak with you about your symptoms and perform a full assessment, we can recommend a personalized treatment plan. With spinal adjustments and specific exercises, we’ll help reduce your symptoms so you can get back to your active lifestyle. While you may have to stay out of the game for a little while to heal and protect your joints, you can have confidence that our chiropractors are providing quality care and treatment for your specific needs.

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