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Dr. Michael Druzbik

Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

  • Angie’s pain affected her life so much that she couldn’t play with her children as physically as she wanted to. She came to Dr. Druzbik because a coworker referred her. She is glad she comes for weekly adjustments to keep relaxed and ease off the pain. She’s excited to play with her girls without discomfort. She also brings her children for adjustments to boost their immune system and overall health.

    Show More - Angie Had Neck And Back Pain!
  • Beth’s love for barrel racing threw her back out three to four times a year. She was so sore that she was unable to do normal activities at work and home or take care of her horses. Her husband had to do everything for a week each time her spine became misaligned. Since receiving Dr. Druzbik’s care and Joy’s massages twice a month she can return to her daily schedule without pain.

    Show More - Beth Had Debilitating Low Back Pain
  • Cammie has suffered from a Tempromadibular Joint (jaw tightness) since she was a teenager and lower back pain for the past two years. Her back pain is a result of standing for long periods of time at work and the stress of being a teacher. She is excited to share that her TMJ doesn’t flare up as often and her back pain is at minimum with monthly adjustments!

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  • Christine dealt with back pain and ear infections before seeing Dr. Druzbik. Her ears had bothered her since she was a child. The infections where a predictable couple days is sick time every winter. To her excitement Christine reports that she has not had an ear infection since coming for her monthly adjustments! She says she feels better in general also.

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  • Claudette’s numbness and pain bothered her every now and then for several years. She was most hindered by her hip pain that kept her from walking and doing everyday chores. She is happy to share that after a month of chiropractic care she felt much better and she can do activities without worrying about hurting. She says she feels better all over!

    Show More - Claudette Suffered From Hand Numbness & Hip Pain
  • Jan has experienced neck pain since she was thirteen. With biweekly adjustments she has less pain and a much more flexible neck. She is also excited that her adjustments are preventing a hunch to develope between the shoulders.

    - Jan Had Neck Pain Since She Was 13
  • Kelly had suffered pain in her lower back for several years as a result of a fall. Before seeing Dr. Druzbik her back hurt all the time and worsened when she stood. With weekly adjustments she feels much better and reenergized. She also says she feels an ease all over!

    - Kelly Had Lower Back Pain
  • Patt had suffered from leg pain and headaches for months. She had to push herself to get through the day. The pain shooting down her leg made it difficult to sit down. After two weeks of adjustments her leg pain went away and her headaches come less often. She says she is back to her happy self and feels much better! She also gladly shares that because of her success in chiropractic care she is no longer dependent on certain medicines. She says, “I don’t know how my life would have been with

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