Tension Headaches

If you're currently living in or around Statesville, NC, and you're dealing with chronic tension headaches, it may be time for you to seek professional assistance from a local chiropractor near you. Even if you have not gone to a professional chiropractic office or clinic in the past, the right professional may offer the headache treatment you need to get your life back on track. To learn more, our team at Druzbik Family Chiropractic clinic today.


Causes of Tension Headaches

Unfortunately, many of individuals suffer from tension headaches each day, even if they're unaware of the root cause. For chronic sufferers of tension headaches, it can be difficult to determine when the time is right to seek neck pain treatment or even specialized headache treatment from a local chiropractor. Understanding some of the common causes of tension headaches may help provide valuable insight into why it is always important to take them seriously at any age, regardless of your current state of health. Some of the common causes of tension headaches include:

  • Stress: Feeling upset, emotional, and overwhelmed with stress can all contribute to the development of a tension headache. Stress has the power to lead to an increase in muscle tension, even in the head, potentially resulting in pain.
  • Strain: Eye strain can also cause tension headaches without proper corrective gear and/or surgery.
  • Poor Posture: Those who have poor posture are more likely to experience neck pain and/or chronic tension headaches.
  • Lack of Sleep/Diet: Diet and a lack of sleep can also lead to an uptick in headaches. 

How Chiropractic Care Alleviates Tension Headache Pain

Fortunately, with modern advancements in chiropractic care and treatments, there are now new techniques and methods to deliver the pain relief you need. With the right chiropractic plan of action, we may be able to help you begin feeling relief from herniated discs, pinched nerves, and unnecessary spinal pressure. Notable advantages that may come with chiropractic care when it comes to assisting with tension headaches may include:

  • Muscle tension relief: You may be able to help alleviate tensions associated with tension headaches using proper consistent chiropractic care.
  • Spinal adjustments: Spinal adjustments can help improve the overall function of your body, potentially helping with headaches.
  • Posture improvement: Improving your posture might help relieve pressure and ultimately, pain from tension headaches. 

Get Neck Pain Treatment, Headache Treatment, and Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor Near You

If you're dealing with tension headaches that simply will not go away, and you're living in the Statesville, NC, area, we can help. At Druzbik Family Chiropractic, we take pride in helping each one of our clients and patients. Call us at (704) 878-9744 for neck pain treatment, headache treatment, and chiropractic care from a chiropractor near you. 

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