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Neck and back pain can negatively impact productivity and mobility. At Druzbik Family Chiropractic in Statesville, NC, we strive to help patients find lasting pain relief solutions. Keep reading to discover how non-surgical spinal decompression works.

How it Works  

Non-surgical spinal decompression involves a patient lying on a specialized table. The patient is connected to a machine that lightly stretches the spine, relieving pressure on joints, discs, and connective tissues. 

The therapy begins by stretching the spine to create negative pressure within the discs of the affected spinal area. This stretching repositions discs back to their regular positions and releases pressure on your spinal nerves. That session takes about 30 minutes.

Treatment can be six weeks, depending on the extent and nature of your condition. It would help if you remained consistent with spinal decompression therapy for full benefits. Our chiropractor may pair decompression therapy with other treatment methods to boost your body’s recovery.

Benefits of Spinal Decompression

The discs between the vertebrae can herniate, bulge, or degenerate, which causes pain. Non-surgical decompression therapy can alleviate back or neck pain that radiates down the legs and arms. Usually, conditions that respond well to traction respond even better to this treatment.

Our chiropractor will assess your condition to determine if you’re fit for non-surgical spinal decompression. First, we will perform a test to decide whether you respond to spinal decompression. The test takes a short time and is pain-free. Then, you’ll start a series of spinal decompression sessions. Degenerative disc diseases and lower back pain respond well to this treatment.

Visit Our Chiropractor for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in Statesville, NC

Spinal decompression is the proper treatment for neck and back pain. We perform a physical exam at Druzbik Family Chiropractic in Statesville, NC, to determine what treatment best fits you. We also tailor a personalized plan to help relieve pain and heal your body. Contact us today at (704) 878-9744 to schedule an appointment.

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