As an experienced chiropractor in Statesville, NC, Dr. Michael Druzbik at Druzbik Family Chiropractic has treated countless patients for musculoskeletal injuries suffered in auto accidents. Many of those patients have had questions about the nature and extent of their injuries and how chiropractic care and treatment might benefit them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accidents

Here are a few main questions along with answers to them:

Q. What's involved in a chiropractic examination and evaluation?

A. Dr. Druzbik will take a medical history from you and perform a physical examination. He's likely to feel your spine from top to bottom, examine your joints, test your muscle strength, and evaluate how you walk. X-rays may be taken. Examinations are painless.

Q. How does a chiropractor help treat auto accident injuries?

A. The foundation of chiropractic treatment is the spine and adjusting the spine and its components to reduce pain, remove or relieve compression of nerves and restore mobility.

Q. Could you explain whiplash to me?

A. Whiplash occurs when a patient's head and neck are forcefully thrown back and forth or forward and backward from the impact of an auto accident. The injury can even be caused when the head and neck are thrown from side to side.

Q. Is whiplash a dangerous injury?

A. Indeed, whiplash carries serious dangers. Aside from pain, stiffness, and loss of range of motion, an auto accident victim can suffer a concussion from the brain slamming against the interior of the skull. Precautions need to be taken against another concussion for a week or so. A second concussion could be fatal. Chronic headache pain, stiffness and loss of range of motion can also be experienced if whiplash is ignored.

Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident Injury

If you believe that you suffered injuries in a car accident, don't try waiting a few weeks to see if you feel better. Your condition is likely to worsen. Contact Druzbik Family Chiropractic in Statesville, NC, for an examination and consultation by calling 704-878-9744. We're going to treat the source of your pain and discomfort and not just the symptoms that come with it.

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